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Therapeutic Bodywork (Amma Therapy)

A unique blend of various massage techniques including Amma, Shiatsu, Tui Na, acupressure, Swedish.

30 minutes  $40          60 minutes   $75            90 minutes  $100

Oncology Massage
With extra training in Oncology massage, both in Swedish massage and Chinese medicine, I provide save and effective massage treatments for those with a cancer diagnosis, or a history of cancer. A thorough intake will be done to make sure I am able to modify the massage to best suit your unique situation.
First treatment– $90              60 minutes  $75       90 minutes   $100
Prenatal Massage
Prenatal massage focuses on addressing the special needs of expecting women. Massage is wonderful for all stages of pregnancy, and I have training in practice in providing safe massage during the first trimester and the “two week wait”.
30 minutes  $40          60 minutes   $75            90 minutes  $100
Like acupuncture without needles, Acupressure is a method that uses physical pressure applied to points throughout the body. I seek to understand the root cause of symptoms, and use the acupressure points to help guide your body to health and balance. The initial visit will include a thorough intake so I can create an effective treatment plan.
Initial treatment (50 mins)  $60    Followups (30 mins) $45  Massage Fusion (60 mins)  $75
Fire Cupping
Fire cupping is an ancient technique, where cups are heated to create a vacuum and then suctioned onto your skin. The suction helps to release tight muscles, and increase circulation in sore or injured areas to aid in healing. Other uses include, reducing high blood pressure, breaking up scar tissue and adhesions, reducing the appearance of cellulite, and strengthening the lungs for those with asthma or environmental allergies.
45 minutes  $65 

Massage Packages
To better help my clients make massage a regular part of their routine, I offer packages of 5 massages. Each package is a savings of $50, or $10 per massage! Please click below to view your options…
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Adjunct Modalities          

Gua Sha, Moxa, and Fire Cupping

Because each modality can have specific beneficial effects on the body, the adjunct therapies (gua sha, moxa, fire cupping) may be integrated into the treatment plan only upon assessment.  For this reason, I do not separately book these therapies. If you are interested in trying one in particular, please let me know.


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